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Craven's Black Magnum X My Girl Avalon

We are not currently breeding any litters.

 These puppies will have had human contact several times daily, to make sure they are socialized. They will come with AKC papers,  health certificates, their dew claws removed, wormed, and their first shots.You can view updated pictures of the puppies in the Photo Gallery.


As breeders we want our puppies to go to good homes that will take care of them their entire life. We don't mind puppies going to homes with children, but we do NOT sell a puppy to a family who wants one 'for their kids', the puppy should be 'for the family' not just for your kids to play with for two weeks, then when you decide you don't want it or when adolescence strikes, and out comes those Labbie teeth, you send the innocent puppy to the pound. We ask that if you are interested in one of our puppies for hunting, performance events, or just as a pet that you answer these questions truthfully and send them to our e-mail [email protected]

  • Why do you want a dog? Why have you chosen the Labrador Retriever?
  • Who will be primarily responsible for the dog's care?
  • Do you have the time to meet the demanding needs of the puppy/dog? Time for feeding, training and exercise?
  • Are there any children? If so, how old are they? How would they be instructed in the care of the dog?
  • Does anyone in the household have allergies?
  • Are you committed to the grooming and health maintenance?
  • What is your attitude toward training and obedience?
  • How often is someone at home?
  • Will you have time to walk and play with the dog?
  • Are you prepared to register your new puppy with the AKC?

    Like any breed Labs have their pros and cons, if you can take this, a Lab is for you and your family: 10 Real Reasons to Own a Lab

    1. You like the moisturizing effect of a slobber-coated tennis ball on your hands.

    2. You like being awakened by a tennis ball dropped on your face.

    3. You like the convenience of never having to clean up dropped food.

    4. You like tha challenge of keeping your balance when sliding on water flung from the drinking bowl all over the kitchen floor.

    5. You like the surprise of a water sprinkler-still in action-being pulled inside through the doggie door.

    6. You like the smell of a wet dog.

    7. You like to be stared at while you nap or go to the bathroom.

    8. You like to hear your neighbors say, "But I thought all Labs were smart!"

    9. You like to feel guilty every time you leave the house without your dog.

    10. You like developing a throwing arm that would get you into most minor league baseball teams.

                           --D. Caroline Coile, Ph.D.(Training Secrets for Labrador Retrivers 2004)

     Some people will also tell you that Labs don't shed in order to sell their puppies. I'm here to tell you they DO. Read this article: Labs Shed